The Beginning…

I am having flashbacks to commencing my first subject~’Teacher Librarianship’ (ETL401). A requirement for the subject was to create a blog to document our learning. It was my first experience of using a blogging tool. I was apprehensive, nervous and doubtful that I could meet the challenge. For many years I had avoided technology, and for the first time I was being asked to use technology to document my learning.

I have now completed six subjects towards my Masters Education (Teacher Librarianship) and my comfort level in using technology has certainly improved. If giving myself a self-assessment in my knowledge and skills relating to technology, I would give myself an achievement level of satisfactory. If it were not for this course I would not be at a satisfactory level!

Yet again I am out of my comfort zone in this subject! Social networking is an area I am distantly aware of, but not familiar with for personal, work or study purposes. It is only the subject forums that I am familiar with in regards to social networking. So therefore why have I specifically selected INF506…to deliberately get me out of my comfort zone!

I am very excited (and apprehensive) to explore the world of social networking. Social networking and social media are here to stay, and to me it is important that I don’t get left behind in my profession. What I would specifically like to learn, includes:

  • Changing a mind-set to become, ‘Social networking and social media are not difficult to use!’
  • Develop an understanding of how social networking and social media is applicable to primary age students.
  • Develop the knowledge and skills of using social networking and social media in a primary school library.
  • Understand how social networking and social media will assist my ongoing professional development as a Teacher Librarian.

Through my initial readings related to social networking, I would define social networking as an informal method of communication by word messages or photographs. The sharing of this information is done through a dedicated web site. The information is shared with others that may visit the dedicated web site. The sharing of the information may be for social, educational or professional purposes.

I look forward to being able to say that I -Facebook, Twitter and Flikre…and actually know what I am doing! A fun semester ahead!

The use of a dedicated Web site to communicate informally with other members of the site, by posting messages, photograp




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